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The Trip

The Trip is an interactive artwork / crypto-art by Dave Yang, 2022.

Designed to be viewed in a desktop browser with mouse control. Supports 4K resolution @ 60fps (actual performance depends on the processing speed of the viewer’s device).

Use the mouse to control the speed and turn. Top/Left is slowest, Bottom/Right is fastest. Press the mouse button to go hyperdrive (especially at the bottom right). Press Space to pause. If your computer is fast enough, try running it in full screen mode.

This is the first interactive NFT released. View and experience it at: The Trip

Art Generative GLSL

Moments of Mellow Past

Soft, mellow, memory, reminiscent, blurry, distant…

A real-time render and exploration of colors and motion (full size)

Best view in desktop browser. Press Space to pause & resume.


Art CleanNFT Fractal Generative NFT Versum


Origins – Generative Art (4096 x 4096 png)

View at Versum

Art Fractal Generative NFT

Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest is a generative fractal animation. Each leaf is generated as part of the fractal forest. (1920 x 1080, 15 seconds, 30fps mp4)

View NFT at Versum

Art Fractal Generative NFT

Create New Worlds

Generative Art ~ Create New Worlds (at Foundation)

Art GLSL Lua Shader

Kalelights (live)

Real-time generated motion art

Click to launch real-time Kalelights

Press space to pause.

Art CleanNFT Crypto Art Generative GLSL

Approaching Sparkling Blackhole

Approaching Sparkling Blackhole

The sparkling pattern changes depending on how far (image and screen resolution) you are viewing the blackhole (4096×4096 PNG).

Art Collection Crypto Art Generative GLSL Lua NFT OpenSea Shader Video


Metamorphosis is a collection of 50 single edition generative motion artwork

Each Meta-M is unique with unexpected transformations.

Here is Meta-M #1 of 50:

The collection can be viewed and purchased at

Art Generative GLSL Lua Niio Shader Video

Present – Genesis artwork at Niio Art


Let’s try something different: Artwork for ultra high definition displays.

“Present” is my genesis artwork (4K 60fps video) for Niio Art.

Life is entangled with colorful moments and unpredictable twists.

Present is now, yet it is also an infinite double twisting loop in time.

Present is also a gift of vibrant colors that we experience with the stereo meditative soundtrack.

Presented as a showcase for the beautiful colors and motion displayed on ultra high definition screens, this artwork is created using a custom application developed by the artist.

Total editions: 100

Present can be purchased at Niio Art.

Art Crypto Art Generative GLSL Hic et Nunc Lua NFT Shader Video

Color Twists Inside Out

Color Twists Inside Out

An infinite loop of double twists animating inside out (1024×1024 MP4)