Owen van Dijk released JSFLCreator

Owen released the first beta version of his JSFLCreator.

From the readme:

This will go through a directory including subdirectories,
find the files that matches filePattern ( usually .FLA files )
and write them to a JSFL file in this format:

var f = fl.openDocument( “file:///foo.fla” , false );
f.close( false );

var f = fl.openDocument( “file:///Bar/bar.fla” , false );
f.close( false );

Its main purpose is to generate an JSFL file for batching publishing FLA files to SWFs. You can get it from here.

1 thought on “Owen van Dijk released JSFLCreator

  1. thnx for the plug. this really is just a first public beta release, far away from a stable 1.0. I have some cool tools coming up though. thnx!

    btw, i have been thinking about the WASP server, and i think it’s overkill for a simple SOAP proxy. I got an email from our sysadmin, he knows there is proxy software available that supports SOAP, he is gonna look into that.

    Ofcouse, i’ll let you know 🙂

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