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One of the new features in Flash MX 2004 and the new Flash Player 7 is ActionScript case-sensitivity. Case-sensitivity is enforced only if the movie is published for Flash Player 7, and is not related to whether it is ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0.

For example, a Flash MX 2004 movie set to use ActionScript 2.0 and published to Flash Player 6, is not case-sensitive: swfoo and swFOO are the same.

On the other hand, a movie set to use ActionScript 1.0 and published to Flash Player 7 is case-sensitive: swfoo is different from swFOO.

So case-sensitivity is determined by the Flash player setting, not the version of ActionScript used. Thanks to Chafic Kazoun for the tip.

One thought on “Case sensitivity

  1. There seems to be a bug with Flash Player 7, however. Movies created with MX 6 should be treated by FP7 as case-insensitive, but are not. The same applies to movies created with 04 and published to FP6/AS1.

    Below is an example — if there is something wrong, please let me know. We’ve submitted a bug to MM, but would love to know more about this issue. Thanks!

    This example was created and published from Flash MX Version 6:

    // _global.CountryPK = function() { }
    // either constructor shows the issue
    function CountryPK() {}
    CountryPK.prototype.countryid = “ABC”;

    var cPK = new CountryPK();

    var text;
    for (var attr in cPK) {
    line = attr+”=”+cPK[attr];
    text += line + “n”;

    out_txt.text = text;

    when running from Flash Player 6:

    When running from Flash Player 7:

    The bug is that the cPK object instance ends up with two attributes having the same value. If case was insensitive, the second should overwrite the first.

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