Visual Design

Useful color tool

Thought I’d share this useful color scheme tool: Color Schemer Studio. Especially useful are the harmony color wheel, the color picker (from any application), and the quick copy of RGB / Hex code.

Programmer art can now be color coordinated too! 😎


Screen comparison of PSP, GBA & XDA IIs

One more week before the Sony PSP is available in North America, and I’ve got one to try for an evening! All I can say is wow! The screen is gorgeous; it is big, bright, colorful and sharp! Here are two photos of the O2 XDA IIs, PSP, and Game Boy Advance:

The PSP is a bit heavier than I expected, but the three games I tried all played well. Ridge Racer feels just like a console racing game, except you can play it anywhere.

Only issue seems to be the battery life, which lasts for about 4 hours of game play. Luckily, the battery can be swapped easily, so a spare (or two) would be needed for those long flights.

Did you know that some game interfaces (e.g. some EA games) were created with Flash?