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Nokia N95

The N95 looks like it has all the cool features one would ever want in a phone. However, there is one thing that stands out after reading the PDF fact sheet: “Nokia Battery (BL-5F) 950mAH”.

For a phone with built-in GPS, 2.6″ screen, HSPDA, Wi-Fi, 5 megapixel camera, music player…etc., a 950mAH battery is simply not enough. I hope this won’t repeat the N80 annoyance of really short battery life.

As for the GPS, I can’t find any mention if it is using the more sensitive SiRF Star III chipset. Does anyone know?

I’m hoping that the combination of the GPS and the 5 megapixel camera would mean that the location coordinates will be included in the EXIF data; so such add-on device won’t be needed.

From pictures posted at Symbian Freak, the N95 camera protrudes slightly and there is no lens cover like the N73. Hmmm…

Nokia launches new N-Series ‘multimedia computers’

At the Nokia Open Studio that is going on right now, Nokia is officially announcing new phones, or as they refer to them, multimedia computers. “Convergence without compromise” is the slogan for the new N-Series devices, including the N95 (PDF) and N75 (PDF) (where are the N83 and N81?). Also announced are music editions of previously released devices including: N70, N73, and N91 8GB.

Here are some of the new features of the N95: Flash Lite 2.0*, HSDPA (3.5G broadband speed starting at 1-2 Mbps, up to 10Mbps), GPS with maps, 5 megapixel camera, 3.5mm audio jack, dual sliders, 3D stereo effect, music recommendations, FOTA (update firmware over-the-air)… This device will ship during the Q1 2007 at 550 euros.


Nokia N95
Nokia N95
Nokia N95
Nokia N95


Nokia N75
Nokia N75
Nokia N75

More info can be found from the Press Releases, as well as sites such as All About Symbian.

Oh, I got a N73 recently for S60 3rd edition development (the 6680 is great for 2nd edition development, including Flash Lite 1.1 & 2.x). More on that later…

Update: The discussion panel is now talking about comparing these Nokia devices with the iPod, and if Apple releases the iPhone.

It’s about experience – e.g. Getting contact address and have the GPS maps it out for direction.

Check out the photos for the N95 and N75.

* Update 2: According to the specs, only Flash Lite 1.1 comes with the N95; however, I’ve read from somewhere that it is Flash Lite 2. Can anyone confirm?

Nokia audio & video capabilities

Was trying to encode some MPEG-4 video for Nokia S60 3rd edition phones, and found this Nokia tech page that lists audio and video streaming capabilities for various phones.

For the N73, the following settings seem to work well when encoding video in SUPER ©.


  • 320×240
  • H.264/AVC
  • 384kbps max data rate
  • 15fps


  • AAC stereo
  • 64kbps
  • 22050KHz

This is for local viewing from memory card, not streaming over-the-air; although this setting should work with WCDMA or faster connections.