Microsoft Photosynth


Coming out of Microsoft Research, the tech preview of Photosynth is now available to the public. Photosynth puts together photos taken from different angles (and most likely by different people at different time) into a 3D viewing environment.

The experience is different than viewing 360 degree panoramas. Because each photo is faded in and out, and the random nature of the time and angles makes it more like putting a puzzle together than being virtually at the location.

To view the demo, a plug-in (~5.5MB) is required.

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FITC 2007 guest speaker + discount code

I’m glad to announce that I’ve invited Dongyub Lee from Seoul as a guest speaker at my FITC presentation on Flash Lite and Mobile Development.

Dongyub is the CEO of DnL Productions, with offices in Seoul and Toronto. He created the Flash Lite User Interface for the iRiver U10 and Viliv P1. We’ll be talking about the state of Flash Lite development, new devices and technologies, development process and looking at some code.

Here is the description of our presentation:

One reason people come to events such as FITC is to be inspired. Whether it is the design, ideas or code. The number of devices running Flash Lite is at a record high. It is a great time to get into mobile and Flash Lite development.

In this session, we’ll look at mobile platforms, devices, tools, data access, trends and cool new technologies that may spark new ideas for your own development. We’ll de-construct a Flash Lite 2 application and see how the UI, navigation, event handling and external data access are implemented for a mobile device.

To register at 10% off the regular price, use this discount code: QW888798.