Flash to iPhone development

When I asked about the possibility of a tool to convert Flash/ActionScript code to Cocoa/Objective-C, I got an “interesting idea” response from one of the Adobe employees. It seems Adobe is now doing the logical thing:

Update: Oops, I guess that was a premature blog post. It’s now a 404.

Update 2: now has the information:

Update 3: Now they’re showing it at Adobe MAX live.

Update 4: Mike Chambers has a blog post on this. Also article at Adobe Developer Connection. And Mark Doherty wrote about it too.

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Flash Mobile & Devices News

Flash Player 10.1 features and demos

As expected, news of the upcoming Flash Player 10.1 has been announced at Adobe MAX conference in L.A. today.

Here are the features in the new version and demos of 10.1 running on two different devices.

Also announced: Google and RIM join the Open Screen Project.

Watch live stream of the Adobe keynote here, and follow MAX news with Adobe MAX Companion.

Flash Builder 4 beta 2 and Flash Catalyst beta 2 are now available at Adobe Labs among a few other new releases.

Flash Player 10.1 for mobile devices is a full version of the Flash Player (i.e. not Flash Lite). Hardware acceleration, multi-touch, accelerometer… are supported.

It seems the last couple of years I spent in mobile Flash development is finally becoming mainstream! It is a nice refreshing change when regular news sites such as the BBC reports about this new Flash Player for mobile devices.