Welcome Visitors!

Thanks to the Visitor Map plugin, here’s a map of recent visitor locations:

What surprises me is there is not a single visitor from inside China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). Is this an issue with the geolocation database or the plugin? Or the Great Firewall of China blocks my site?

If you’re from China, can you please leave a comment that you can reach this site?

Update: I uploaded the latest image, and there are two dots at approximately Shanghai and Tianjin or Beijing!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Visitors!

  1. MaxMind? Wow, that’s ancient crap. Use Google Analytics instead; it’s much better.

    (Here’s hoping someone from China leaves a comment)

  2. A websearch query on “is your site blocked in china?” or “china firewall test utility” turns up some relevant utilities. But they seem to change with time, as proxy servers emerge or shut down… may be best to try Google Websearch with options set to “within the last year”.

    I used a May08 list from Amit Agarwal, and WebsitePulse.com showed this swfoo page not being served to a proxy in Shanghai.

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