This is the blog of Dave Yang, founder of Quantumwave Interactive – a new media and software studio in Toronto, Canada since 1993.

With a background in art, computer math, communication & design and computer graphics, Dave’s training led him to the world of multimedia in the 1980s. Since childhood, he trained with different artists in western and eastern disciplines using various media such as pastel, oil, acrylic, Chinese ink (calligraphy and painting) and clay. His early experiments with generative graphics and programmatic animations, digital video and interactive computer animation started on the Amiga and later Apple computers. From HyperCard to Director to Flash, Flash had the most impact on his career and brought him to the international scene, giving lectures at design and technical conferences and assisting different organizations with his unique skills.

Professionally, Dave was the designer, technical director and lead developer for companies in the U.S., Canada & Asia. He has developed desktop and mobile applications, games, interactive kiosks, commercial and eLearning software for organizations such as Adobe, AOL, Art Gallery of Ontario, Bank of Montreal, Discovery Channel, Disney, Google, Government of Canada, Kraft, McDonald’s, NBA, Rogers Communications, SK Telesys, Verizon Wireless, YouTube and The Weather Channel.

Dave was invited to speak at conferences such as Adobe MAX, FITC, Flash Forward, IBM Blue Horizon, CFNorth, MXNorth, and Flash on the Beach on Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, ActionScript and mobile development. He occasionally gives guest lectures for post-graduate and new media students and was technical editor for various software development books.

Dave was a member of the Macromedia/Adobe Flash advisory board and offered ideas on upcoming products. He also spent a wonderful time with the Rebel Alliance back in the days of Flash ActionScript 1.0 and created object-oriented programming solutions such as associating movieclip with ActionScript class (before an official solution was introduced later in Flash).

After off-the-shelf software and web applications, Dave started developing applications for mobile phones in 2005. His latest projects include desktop creative applications, mobile apps, embedded device applications, TV set-top box UI design, and web applications.

As with all technologies, tools and solutions evolve. Today, his toolset includes GLSL, Solar2D, Lua, Unity, Xcode, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, and many more…

Getting back to his roots, Dave is revisiting his earlier experimental artistic styles and creating new ideas and thought-provoking visuals with code.

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