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Adobe MAX, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai

Adobe MAX

Thought I should update the blog about my upcoming trip to Asia, specifically to Seoul, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Adobe invited me to speak at the APAC MAX conference in Seoul (Nov 14-15), on mobile Flash development.

The topic of my presentation is “Connecting to External Data Services”. I’ve seen the same topic at other MAX conferences by other speakers, but haven’t attended any of them; so it would be interesting to see how each speaker approaches the same topic. Here is the description of my presentation:

“Explore the process in developing Flash Lite 2 applications that connect to external live data and multimedia assets. View examples of XML/RSS, images, video, and light-weight transitions designed for mobile devices. See how object-oriented ActionScript 2.0 code segments bring these applications to life.”

Speaking at the Seoul conference should be an interesting experience, as I don’t read or speak Korean. There will be live translation during my presentation though. Another first for me is the length of the presentation – it’s 80 minutes long! Although I’ve done a back-to-back repeat presentation at the first FITC (2 hours total), this will be the longest single presentation I’ve done.

On a personal note, I’m very interested to see the latest mobile devices in Asia, and learn about the mobile culture there. Of course, it would be my pleasure to meet other Flash developers and designers in all three cities too.

In case anyone is wondering my whereabouts, I’ll be in Seoul from Nov 11 to 16. Hong Kong from Nov 16-22, Shanghai from Nov 22-26, and back to Hong Kong from Nov 26-Dec 4. Should have broadband internet access in all three cities, so business as usual (except I’ll be in a tourist mood)!

P.S. Picked up a Vonage V-Phone, even though I already have a VoIP line (along with my regular landline). Reason is simple, no bulky phone adaptor and handset to pack, it’s just a small memory stick with some circuits. Cool gadget for travelers to keep in touch with folks back home!

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Wow, that sounds like a great trip!

On the realtime translation aspect, here’s what I’ve heard people recommend to each other:

— Chunk your speech speed down so that you’re speaking in phrases instead of paragraphs (particularly helpful with verb-at-the-end languages like Korean and Japanese, where the translation must lag to catch up to the sentence structure)

— Try to meet the translator face-to-face beforehand, to get an idea of their skill levels and pick up advice from them

— Prepare a list of the unique English terms you’ll be using, so that they can be sure of technical terms

— Be careful of idioms, colloquialisms, regionalisms, or cultural referents. Some types of humor translate easily.

… but now I can’t stop thinking of the fantastic food you’ll have in Seoul, and it’s only breakfast time here in Frisco…. 😉

Have fun!

Hi Dave!
hows it goin? Great to hear you’re makin the trip out to Korea for MAX. I’m still living here in Seoul(since 04), and I’ll be going to the conference as well, so I’m sure we’ll run into each other there.

You mentioned that youre interested in meeting other flash artists, so pls come check out the bd4d/vector lounge style party im organizing (with Craig,Mario,Jared,Erik) after the conference.

looking forward to seeing you next week! Have a good flight & talk to you then,

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