Adobe… Windows only?

Adobe released Photoshop Album 2.0, a Windows-only consumer digital photo album with some interesting features such as the calendar. The free Starter Edition is available for download (requires activation).

It seems Adobe is releasing more Windows-only applications these days (Premiere Pro, Encore DVD…etc.) I suppose the market share determines the R&D spending, similar to what happened to the browser wars. At least Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird are making a come back, but browser usage is still dominated by Windows Internet Explorer. Google has some interesting browser usage stats.

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I think that Adobe is really playing along nicely with Apple. Adobe realizes that Apple took a huge lead and will continue to do so with Final Cut Pro (instead of Premiere) and DVD Studio Pro. Adobe realized that DVD Studio Pro was the best DVD Authoring solution out there, but only for the Mac, nobody yet had created a pro-level DVD authoring solution for Windows, so Adobe filled this space (and rather nicely). With concentrated development, Adobe can really get a good return on the products they are building. Similarly, they knew that Apple users who had iPhoto wouldn’t be likely to pay for Adobe’s solution. IMO, iPhoto on Windows is (no affiliation, just a very satisified user). I think Adobe was smart to pull Premiere Mac from development, and to refocus. This may result in increased development cycles and more robust features that professionals have come to expect from other NLE systems.

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