Apps that crash my iPhone

I just opened up XCode and had a look at the crash logs of my iPhone. I wonder how many of these apps are written in Objective-C… Oops, looks like the most problematic apps are written by Apple… 😯

And Skype, when are we going to get 3G calling and Push Notification? While you’re at it, please make it more stable too. Thanks.

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Wow Mr. Jobs… Maybe you should only allow iPhone owners to install apps that you wrote personally… Since you seem to think writing applications is so easy, this should be no problem for you. That would remove the need for the approval process altogether. And certainly increase quality.

Hey, that’s cool. How do you make xcode do that?

Frickin’ mobile Safari crashes on me literally every other day. I still have the iPhone 1G, so I figured that was its way of trying to convince me to buy a new phone. 😛

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