Adobe AIR Flash

Developing for Adobe vs. Macromedia

I’m looking into embedding Flash inside PDF. Simple, right?

First, I searched my Acrobat 7 Help files, no mention of embedding Flash. Google brought me to various people asking the same question, with common answers that lead to Adobe’s developer site:

There are SDKs that include Acrobat JavaScript, but they require registration as a paid Adobe developer, and I’m not even sure if that information is what I need if I paid for the membership & subscription.

Why is this information so difficult to get to? Does Adobe not want more developers working on their products? Macromedia, Apple, Microsoft, Sun and many other companies provide free access to SDKs, sample files, tutorials…etc. Is this the Adobe we should start getting used to?

Hopefully Apollo & the new Adobe will make things easier for developers…

Update (Dec 11):

After more digging, I found some public SDKs. Yet some are locked, including Release Notes & Overviews. Even stranger is, on this page, Linux & Solaris SDKs are free, but Windows & Mac versions are locked. Huh?