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Created with custom app in Lua and GLSL.

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Open source rebranding of Corona = Solar2D


Open source rebranding of Corona = Solar2D

After using Corona for 10+ years, it is still the easiest and most fun way to make apps and games. With a mature API and friendly programming language Lua, partly thanks to the original creator Walter Luh, Solar2D will continue to shine!

With the MIT license, Solar2D is finally 100% free. Free from splash screen, royalties, building from the server, and company policies. Anyone can also folk the source code and create whatever they want with it.

I’m available for developing apps and games with Solar2D for mobile, tablets, desktop, HTML and Apple TV. Team training will be considered as well.

Corona SDK Lua Solar2D Technology

Corona SDK -> Solar 2D

The BEST game / app development engine Corona SDK  is rebranded as Solar2D!

Solar2D is fully open source with the MIT license. It is simply the most mature and easy to use 2D game and application development engine available. Developing with Solar2D is much faster than any other SDK because of the simplicity and ease of use of the powerful API and Lua language.

Solar2D – Light Speed Development for Everyone!

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