Central – the center of the world

Macromedia released the first public beta of Central today, even though the SDK is not yet available.

None of the three installed applications do anything for me. As a Canadian, both AccuWeather and MovieFinder aren’t useful because they require U.S. zipcode. The third one – Application Finder, is not active until final release.

Until general/international applications are available for it, I suppose Central is only useful if you live in the United States.

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Flash MX2 Tools: JSFLCreator and FLPCreator

I’ve been working on some new tools, mainly to migrate and test projects that were done in Flash MX. The tools are JSFLCreator, which you can see at work above, and FLPCreator, which does the same but for Flash

Thanks David! That’s good to know.

Perhaps Movie Finder should say Postal Code instead of ZIP Code. Now this is useful (until I have time to go see a movie).

One thing I noticed is that even though I’m using Flash Player 7, and the scrollbar looks like the new v2 scrollbar, I can’t scroll the content using my mouse wheel. Is this because the content was developed using MX? But why does it look like the new v2 scrollbar?

The Central components (which are based upon the v1 components++) have been skinned with the Halo look and feel. So although they look and behave like the v2 components in MX 2004, they are in fact v1 with added features and bug fixes.

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