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In Flash MX 2004, one thing I wished it had is a class browser. But with all the new features in this release, we can’t have everything on our wishlist all at once, can we?

Here’s a little tip on how to make your own “class browser” with the Project panel:

Because all the classes have external .as class definitions inside the folder:
[Flash installation folder]enFirst RunClasses, we can add these to the Project panel and browse the classes from there. Double-clicking on an .as file from this list opens up the class definition in the Script window (in the Pro version only):


To save you all the work of browsing through the folders and making your own project, download it here: ClassBrowser.flp

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It would have been nice if Macromedia always had a view down all your classpaths in every project.

It may be worthwhile seeing if an extension can be written with the JSAPI to include this folder for every project.

Thanks though. Good call.

You can put this .flp file anywhere. Double-click on it and it’ll open up in Flash MX 2004. Or just open it when you’re inside the IDE. You can keep it opened for browsing classes with your other projects.

> Double-click on it and it’ll open up in Flash > MX 2004

it won’t in other windows versions than english:

open it with your texteditor, and replace all the ‘/program files/’ with you program files native name 😉


This is a hand made project file. There’s no way to assign a folder a directory location and have it dynamically add and remove files, like in Homesite?

That’s what I want in a class browser.

It’s too bad that when you switch projects, Flash closes every file that’s open from the current project. Proves to be quite a pain if you quickly want to reference files from another project.

Stefan, are you running an English OS? Is your installation of Flash at the default location? You can open up the .flp file in a text editor and check the paths, and change them to the location of your class files. If that still doesn’t work, just do what I did and add all the class folders and files to a new project.

Hey Stefan,

I had the same trouble on Win2K. Looks like it needs the drive id as well.

Open up the file in Textpad/Notepad and bulk replace ‘Program Files’ with ‘C:/Program Files’ and it works okay.

Nice work Dave!

I did change all paths..
but some classes couldnt be found.. like

.. I just installed MX2004.. Have I missed out on a class-update ?

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