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Coming “real soon now” (Sept 13-14) here in Toronto (Canada) is FITC Mobile, the first ever mobile event hosted by the same folks who started FITC 7 years ago.

FITC Mobile 2009

When I first heard about this conference, my reaction was “Finally!”

Ever since I gave my first presentation at the first FITC back in 2002 and other conferences such as Flash Forward and Adobe MAX, my topics shifted from OOP, design patterns, ActionScript programming to mobile and devices in the last few years.

For about 4 years, I worked mostly on different mobile and devices projects, while still handling regular web application projects. As I’ve mentioned in my talks, the mobile market will only get bigger. There are more people using mobile devices than computers, and this is especially true for some countries where the infrastructure for wireless is more advanced than landline networks.

Although the mobile market hasn’t been adopted as fast as anticipated in the last few years, the scene has changed dramatically since the Apple iPhone and App Store came along. Now with Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Google, Microsoft, Palm and others all fighting for the mobile market share, mobile is finally getting the attention of developers, companies and consumers.

It is with great pleasure to see speakers from different parts of the world, from different companies and platforms to come to Toronto for this two-day event. Coverage includes Apple iPhone, Google Android, Nokia & Symbian, RIM Blackberry, Palm Pre, Microsoft Windows Mobile, mobile marketing and more.

Check out the FITC Mobile site for more details.

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