Flash 8 tips and tricks

  • In the Actions panel or external code editor, press Ctrl-‘ to select the text between braces.
  • With the Actions panel in focus, choose Find & Replace from the Edit menu to open the extended dialog box with more options (Ctrl-F only opens the minimal Find & Replace).
  • If code hinting doesn’t seem to work, check the dropdown menu in the left pane of the Actions panel, and make sure “ActionScript 1.0 & 2.0” is selected (and not one of the Flash Lite options).
  • After choosing a mobile device from the Device Settings dialog box, click OK and test movie will show the default device in the mobile emulator, until the device is selected again in the mobile emulator. Saving the movie will keep that preference with the FLA.
  • The CheckBox component interferes with the FLVPlayback.seekBar and FLVPlayback.volumeBar (when they are not part of the FLVPlayback component on stage), dragging one of the handles won’t work. Solution, wrap the seekBar or volumeBar inside a movieclip (thanks to Jeff Kamerer at Macromedia).
  • Change the Help panel search hilite color in this file (Windows): C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMacromediaFlash 8enConfigurationHelpPanel_sharedassetshelp_pc.css – change background-color under .searchhilite.

Any tips to offer? Please add them below…

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Tim: Regarding code hinting doesn’t work – I should rephrase the problem, and it’s probably easier to show this with the UI…

If this dropdown menu is showing one of the Flash Lite options, then only Flash Lite commands would show code hints – i.e. if you’re coding in AS2 and code hints don’t appear, make sure to check this dropdown menu first. Unfortunately, if the left pane of the Actions panel is closed, there is little clue why (AS2) code hints aren’t working.

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