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Flash in the Can presentation

Once again, I’ll be speaking at Flash in the Can this year. The presentation title is Object-Oriented Programming in ActionScript 2.0 (OOP in AS2).

Here is a list of possible topics:

  • What’s new in AS2 for AS1 developers?
  • Brief comparison of AS2 to Java and C#
  • Designing an AS2 OO application
  • EventDispatcher and the event model
  • Design patterns examples in AS2
  • Pitfalls and tips in AS2

Other suggestions? Leave comments and I’ll give them some thought. Remember though, with 70+ speakers this year, each presentation is only 45 minutes long; so I’ll consider the most wished for topics that can fit within this limited time. Thanks!

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Not to nit-pick, but the presentations are actually 50 mins 🙂 45 mins sounds so short…50 sounds much longer to me really. Just kidding!

Me personally, not having had much opportunity to really work with AS2 yet, I’d like to see what’s involved in moving to AS2 from AS1, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what other people are interested in.

Yeah…for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to attend, it would be great to see the presentation(s) posted online after the event. Thanks for considering it!

This will be my first Flash in the Can conference (attended 4 Flash Forward conferences before this). Looking forward to your speech, follow your blog often.

I agree take a as1 project and try to convert it to as2. I think OOP as a concept should be discussed, but at the last FF conf in NYC it seemed like a lot of people were grasping the concept of OOP. The trick is to show how it applies to the real world of programming. At least that is my thought. Good luck in your speech. e-mail me if you want a more in depth analysis and thought process

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