Google Earth images of schools I went to

Below are three images (from Google Earth) of the school / college / university I went to:




I haven’t been to any one of them for many years, and it is nice to see them again. Lots of good memories of these places. Who can tell me the names of these schools?

Hint: They are in three different continents. Click to view larger versions at Flickr.

8 replies on “Google Earth images of schools I went to”

The first one is DBS in Hong Kong, the second one is high school in England, the third one is Carlton University. What prize do I get?

littleot: Prize? Who said anything about a prize? 😎

You got the first one correct, but what is the full name? Need name for the second, and you misspell the third one; so no prize (yet).

Diocese Boy’s School? For the second one, I would have to dig up all the letters to search for the answer and I don’t think I misspelled the third one.

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