iTunes (and AAC) for Windows

Apple released iTunes 4.1 today, and now it is also available for Windows XP and 2000. This looks like a winner already being the first free AAC encoder and player for Windows. Interestingly, it does not support or playback Windows Media Audio (.wma) – a format that Microsoft is pushing so hard.

As for the Apple music store, it is still unavailable outside of the U.S. However, Canada just got the first download music store a few days ago: Unfortunately, they only support Windows (and their files are in .wma only).

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Apple writes really good software. Sure there are bugs here and there, but in general they do some pretty amazing stuff. I’m a long-time and extremely passionate loyal Mac guy.

I think itunes is better on Mac, although it’s still great on PC. I think you have to be careful though if you’re running 2000, that your system is updated. something about it shutting down the entire OS because of missing DLLs or some such. Would read up if yer on 2000 and thinking of installing.

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