Macromedia Central SDK released

With the flood of news coverage of Flex (code name Royale), the non-beta release of the Central SDK seemed unnoticed. Developers who are interested in developing for Central can now download the SDK.

3 replies on “Macromedia Central SDK released”

I’d appreciate if direct links are not posted here for two reasons:

1) Developers should agree to the Macromedia license before downloading the SDK (from the original URL)

2) The link above is for Windows only; the Mac download is at a separate URL

you’re absolutely right, but…
1) deep linking to downloadable file should be protected by server-side logic
2) the contents of Mac and Win downloads are the same, so, as OS X supports natively extraction of ZIP files, the two type of downloads are redundant and ZIP is sufficient for both platforms (and other unix flavours as well…)

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