Nintendo Revolution controller

Wow, this new Nintendo controller for their next generation game console Revolution is really revolutionary, and may change the way video games are played. This bold move may bring Nintendo back to the front of the line among the next generation consoles.

Make sure to check out the mini review from IGN.

Also of interest is the keynote speech by Nintendo president at the Tokyo Game Show today.

I wonder which TV manufacturer will start using this concept for digital TV interaction. Imagine using this for Flash UI control…

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I actually like to idea of interaction, but I got a kick out of the concept behind the controller. In the article it says the team at Nintendo listened to gamers who hated, among other things, wires. When I first saw the photo of the controller – before reading the article – the first thing I thought was great just what I need another f*ing remote control. Personally I think the controller may be too limiting (the analog stick attachment looks like a pain in the a$$ to use), but like the N64’s introduction to analog, it will be a step in the right direction for gaming at least.

I think the analog attachment is done like this because the main controller could still be used the way it was intended while still giving the added analog stick.

Is this the first remote control that was not designed for a particular hand (i.e. right-handed)?

I realize you use both hands for most controllers, but there is a dominance factor.

The possibilities for the expansion of the joystick is intriguing.

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