Reduce Flash MX 2004 launch time

If you are experiencing long launch time in Flash MX 2004, try deleting all the files and folders in your “temp” folder. For me, this reduces the launch time anywhere from 40+ seconds down to about 8 seconds.

In Windows, the user temp folder is located here:

C:Documents and Settings[USERNAME]Local SettingsTemp

where [USERNAME] is your login user name. “Local Settings” is a hidden directory, you have to enable “Show hidden files and folders” under Tools > Folder Options… > View from any desktop window, or Control Panels > Folder Options > View.

Let me know if this works for you or not…

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Does it really matter, you wake up in the morning and have your computer on, and open flash while you go to the rest room, brush your teeth. By the time flash opens up you are ready to go flashing, then when you are ready to go to bed, close it along with your computer. If it crashes in the middle, then re-start it when you go out for the coffee break. Heeee, sweet solution, right.

– my winxpp is ready
– the first time i start flash it take 20 seconds
– open it again it takes 8 seconds (without deleting temp)
– deleting temp it takes 11 seconds
– and afterwards 8 seconds

I have small app called TempCleaner. Uppon start-up it deletes the contents of all temporary folders. FMX 2004 loading time is aproximately 20-25 seconds on my comp. (Win2000, SP3)

This is caused by the unneccessary security stuff the new version uses has already been cracked, and is to my opinion the cause for all the slowness. MM should keep away it’s fingers off stuff like this, texware (usa) has used it, and after 1/2 year released a new version, in fear of some (most) users would sue them, cause this nice little utility sits persistant on your hd, even the good old format c couldn’t wipe it out … this is ok, cause otherwise it would be too easy to workaround the trial period, but the funny thing is, that they even ‘forgot’ to built in an automatic temp cleaner.

@ claudius: this is due to your system, which keeps dll’s in memory, which is quiet useful, if you use nutscrape, if you know what i mean 😉

@ Shock: link ???


Another way to reduce startup time is to remove the config folder from virus scanning. Perhaps not a great solution to remove anything from virus scanning, but apparently (I haven’t done this) it works because of the great number of files in there that are being scanned on bootup.

Just what I’ve heard from MM team.

I see a significant delay in starting FMX 2004 Pro, basically the time the splash screen is up. I would say on the order of 20-30 seconds. I removed the stuff from my Temp folder and believe that it sped up the window drawing once the main window came up, but it didn’t seem to impact the initial startup while only the splash screen is displayed. I wonder if it is all the Internet checking (sometimes my network is not so responsive).

I am running Windows XP Pro on a P3 1Ghz laptop.


go to control panel/system/advanced/performance (press settings and go to the advanced tab)/virtual memory

Change the system recommendations. For example, I changed the settings from 192-384 to 1500-2000 and my computer became 3-4 times faster. Keep in mind that by doing this you are sacrificing some hard disk space. If you have a lot of free hard disk space unlike me, knock yourself out increasing the ranges.

I want to know about Flash security from Temporary files of Internet Explorer. When User will go to temp folder then how can I secure my swf file. Please help me about this question.


can anyone help me enter data into mysql database
from a flash form using coldfusion components ?

i知 using web services and simply want to pass data from my flash form to my cfc while staying in flash�

any actionscript (or coldfusion code 祖fc�) that anyone could provide or even links to other ressources on this specific topic would be awesome�

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Imran Hashmi

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