Screen sizes

From left to right: Dell 15.4″ XPS m1530, iMac 27″ quad-core, 13.3″ Macbook, Dell 24″ monitor (connected to the iMac as a second monitor).

The Macbook feels tiny. Using it for development outside of my office (e.g. at client’s office), especially when using Adobe suite, is frustrating. I often find myself swapping windows, opening and closing panels, and dragging things around. Spoiled by the new iMac screen resolution (2560×1440 + 1200×1920), compared to Macbook’s 1280×800 – that’s 5,990,400 total usable pixels vs. 1,024,000. However, my favorite screen is only at 480×320 – my iPhone 3GS (used to take this photo).

But these don’t come close to the life-size working iPhone costumes (YouTube video)!

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