Stealing my email and software

Burak KALAYCI, the maker of the excellent software ActionScript Viewer, contacted me regarding some individual pretending to be me by changing my email account to his/her Hotmail email (

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OMG, that is so lame. ASV4 is such an excellent program, and Buraks put alot of effort in it. Kudos to Buraks for noticing, and glad you made this louse scam trick public…wondering if people tried to use my name too, since i am also on that page.

I’m all about effort and efficiency of your time. I have a lot of work to do, mind you, but I consider myself more effective at using the time I have than most people.

In the of amount it took to concoct(sp?) such a plan, he could of easily whipped together a Flash add and sold it for 3 times the amount of ASV, and then bought a legal copy with no worries.

ASV rocks, and earning the dough to purchase such software is miniscule. Therefore, this guy did it for the rush, not just the software.

Nice try, dick.

The truth is, its just too easy to impersonate and email address.

I only know one person who digitally signs his emails. Even for him its a pointless exercise because nobody actually checks for it. I had to install a windows update the first time he sent me a signed email, so I can’t see it catching on any time soon…

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