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I’m back! The complete blog has been rebuilt from scratch after the hard drive suddenly disappeared from the BIOS (probably the circuit board on it fried). I’ve never seen a hard drive went out like that, and it wasn’t even a very old drive.

Every post and comment has been recovered from backups. Since the index of the blog entries have been reset, some links (here or external) may not be pointing to the correct blog entries. I’ve fixed all the links found, please let me know if you see any problem. One thing I learned: the backup from MovableType does not fully back up everything, leaving much recovery to be done by hand.

In the process of rebuilding the blog, I considered other alternative blogging systems because I’m not a big Perl fan. Getting the old posts and comments back was my first priority; so I went with MovableType for now. However, I may switch to one of these: .Text, pMachine, or one using ColdFusion. Any recommendations?

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I heard good things about Blogman by… Ray Camden? I never tried it, but most CF’ers think it’s phat, so …they would know, right?

Anyway, if you find something you like more than MoveableType, please let blog about it as I want to switch, but currently can’t live without it.

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