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Wonder – Genesis artwork at AsyncArt

Wonder – Programmable art

This collection of artwork is the genesis piece by Dave Yang for AsyncArt.

For a young child, the world is a wonderful and curious place – there is always something new and fun to enjoy. Perhaps adults can step back and admire the wonders of the universe again like a child.

Each of the four states in this artwork reflects the wonders of the child’s imagination throughout the day and night.¬†AsyncArt and the Meural display¬†can show artwork states based on the time of the day and other properties.

This collection is created using a custom application written in Lua and GLSL.





Although AsyncArt only supports up to 2160×2160 images, I created this collection at 3840 x 2160 resolution for viewing on 4K displays.

This artwork is now available for collecting. Click the “Explore this artwork” button under the artwork at AsyncArt to view the different states throughout the day and night.

The buyer can request the 4K images as well as bonus screens.