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Ascend to Heaven exhibited at the World Blockchain Conference

Grateful that my artwork “Ascend to Heaven (升天)” was exhibited at the World Blockchain Conference at the Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City!

Who would have thought that only after 4 months since I started posting my artwork that it’ll be exhibited!?

Creating art is a life-long journey and I’m enjoying every moment!

The original “Ascend to Heaven (升天)” artwork is here:

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Launching swfooArt at Hic et Nunc

Launching swfooArt NFT crypto art gallery at Hic et Nunc!

In case you are not aware of Hic et Nunc (latin, meaning: Here and Now), it is getting a lot of attention from artists for good reasons. It does not rely on eco-unfriendly currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It uses Tezos which is much more energy-efficient and the minting fee is minimal. The minting fee for other sites or blockchains can be a hurdle for some artists since it can be quite high. Why pay the much higher upfront cost to mint a digital item before there is guaranteed sale? There is no curation or wait list at Hic et Nunc, so artists can put up their work for sale with minimal cost. Since Hic et Nunc is just starting out, it may not be for everyone. No matter where the digital art is sold, this is an exciting time for artists!

Take a look at my gallery here: