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Free Run

Free Run … Run free when it is still possible.

Single 1/1 edition at OpenSea.

Art Crypto Art Generative GLSL Lua NFT NFT Crypto Art OpenSea Shader Visual Design

Generative Art – Untitled.01

Created another NFT crypto art for sale at OpenSea: Untitled.01 (8192 × 4096 png)

It may not be apparent that there are fine lines in this piece. To view the details, click here to open the image in a new tab or window and zoom in.

The three parts are also available at Hic et Nunc:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

These images are generated in my custom app using GLSL and Lua. The backgrounds are created in OpenGL shaders. The lines are generated in Lua. The combined image is assembled in Affinity Photo.


Art Crypto Art Generative GLSL Lua NFT NFT Crypto Art OpenSea Shader Video

My first ever auction: An Exciting Time for Artists!

With all the excitement around NFT (crypto) art among artists and collectors, I started my gallery at Hicetnunc and was pleasantly surprised by the sales on the first day.

Since Hicetnunc is just starting, it does not support auctions or reselling at this time. (Update: reselling at the secondary market is now active.)

Today, I minted a new piece of generative video titled “An Exciting Time for Artists” at and put it for auction, simply because of my curiosity to see how it works.

Here it is:

Description of this piece:

An Exciting Time for Artists is a celebration of the bloom of NFT art in 2021. Having been working in the new media industry for almost 3 decades, swfoo (Dave Yang) is finally seeing the technology of decentralized assets and visual arts becoming mainstream.

Inspired by Dave’s background in computer mathematics and visual arts, the foundation of this video is represented by the colorful shifting mathematical Voronois, where organic visuals on top are constantly moving and changing directions in this exciting time for artists.

This one minute video was created in Lua and GLSL shader.