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Ascend to heaven (升天)

Ascend to heaven (升天)

Generative looping video (30 secs) by Dave Yang

Total editions: 3

View the video at MetaOpus

Art Crypto Art GLSL Lua MetaOpus NFT Shader Video

Life Journey ~ Looking Back

Life Journey ~ Looking back in the journey of life, appreciating the divine moments.

Be kind and generous.

Generative video (1024×1024 MP4)

Art Crypto Art Generative GLSL MetaOpus NFT Shader Video

Strange Love

Strange Love

Is it possible to visualize love, especially strange love?


This looping video is programmatically generated from the spectrogram of the song “Strangelove (Blind mix)” by Depeche Mode.

It is available at MetaOpus.

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My first ever auction: An Exciting Time for Artists!

With all the excitement around NFT (crypto) art among artists and collectors, I started my gallery at Hicetnunc and was pleasantly surprised by the sales on the first day.

Since Hicetnunc is just starting, it does not support auctions or reselling at this time. (Update: reselling at the secondary market is now active.)

Today, I minted a new piece of generative video titled “An Exciting Time for Artists” at and put it for auction, simply because of my curiosity to see how it works.

Here it is:

Description of this piece:

An Exciting Time for Artists is a celebration of the bloom of NFT art in 2021. Having been working in the new media industry for almost 3 decades, swfoo (Dave Yang) is finally seeing the technology of decentralized assets and visual arts becoming mainstream.

Inspired by Dave’s background in computer mathematics and visual arts, the foundation of this video is represented by the colorful shifting mathematical Voronois, where organic visuals on top are constantly moving and changing directions in this exciting time for artists.

This one minute video was created in Lua and GLSL shader.

Art Generative GLSL Lua Music Visualizer Shader Video

I Feel Love (Donna Summer) – Quantumwave Music Visualizer

One of the best from the “Father of Disco” – Giorgio Moroder, visualized using the real-time controlled Quantumwave Music Visualizer app. The app can play and change effects automatically or the user can take full control during playback.

Only a few visual effects are shown in this video. There are currently two dozen visual effects that can be layered together and activated with keys. Selected effects can be combined into effect sets and assigned to keys for real-time recall.

Music beats can be customized within the app, from a third-party app or loaded automatically online. Lyrics and Lyrics as Subtitle are supported. Font styles can also be customized.

This is the 1080p version, the app is capable of running at 4K/60fps. This video was created in one take with no post editing.



Generative GLSL Lua Music Visualizer Shader Solar2D Video


Created with custom app in Lua and GLSL.

Generative GLSL Lua Music Visualizer News Shader Video

Quantumwave Music Visualizer

Quantumwave Music Visualizer

Would you like a Dogebit to go with your music?

Screenshot of one of the many customizable effects in the upcoming Quantumwave Music Visualizer.