Updated Flash player for Sony Clie UX50

The new Sony Clie PEG-UX50 has an updated version ( of the Flash Player 5 that supports networking.

According to the Sony site (via Bill Perry), the following models are supporting Flash:

Player version PEG-UX50, PEG-UX40.

Player version PEG-NX60, PEG-NX70V, PEG-NX73, PEG-NX80, PEG-NZ90, PEG-TG50.

I had three generations of Palm Pilots before getting the 1st generation Pocket PC. Now I’m using a third Pocket PC (Dell Axim running Flash Player 6). It’s interesting to see how far the Palm OS has changed, especially in this new Sony model, because it actually is making a come back.

By the way, check out Bill’s article (among other device-related info) at the Macromedia DevNet for devices.

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