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Want to chat about mobile development?

Here’s a chance to meet face-to-face with other Flash Lite developers, and talk about making things for mobile devices.

At this year’s Flash in the Can festival, I’ll be one of the panelists for It’s A Mobile World: Build It and They Will Call (I didn’t make up that title). Bill Perry (from Adobe) and Scott Janousek will also be there, and I believe others will be joining us in this panel discussion.

This year’s speaker list is the longest I’ve seen, with people coming in from all over the world, to the city where I live. There is even a student scholarship program to attend the festival for free.

Check it out.

April 13 Update: Bill Perry won’t be able to make it to FITC; instead, James Talbot (also from Adobe) will be there. And Gabe Sawhney will be joining the panel as well.

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