Windows, panels & applications add up to a new monitor

With all the windows and panels, Flash and similar apps need as much screen resolutions as possible. Thanks to Chafic Kazoun‘s recommendation, I bit the bullet and picked up a Samsung 213T LCD monitor this weekend.

What a change from my laptop’s 1920×1200 resolution (at 15.4″) to 1600×1200 (at 21.3″) – now everything looks so BIG. I do miss the extra 320 pixels horizontally, but at least it’s not killing my eyes after 8-12 hours a day. Verdict: I’ll have to work longer hours now to pay off this thing! 😎

What resolution do you use Flash at? Which window/panel dominates your Flash MX 2004’s workspace? I wonder if the result is split between designers and developers (or deselopers)…

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I use two screens.
1st = 1600×1200, LaCie 23″ CRT.
2nd = 1280×1024, NEC 18″ LCD.
Second screen is used for coding only (action panel or SciTE editor), and the first one is used for the visual part in Flash (stage, timeline, library and other panels).
And I’m still missing space!! For a while I had my 23″ set at 2048×1536 to have more space for all the panel. But everything was a bit too small and hard for the eyes…

When I had a laptop, I used to keep my laptop screen with the second one. I was using the LCD as a second monitor. That was great, you should try!

I use two 18″ LCD’s

I run them in portrait mode thanks to my NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 which is really nice for coding since I need the vertical space.

One screen just for SciTE | Flash and the other is the Flash IDE with only the library and pojects panels visible. The flash IDE only uses half the screen i need the other half for well other stuff.

“1920×1200 resolution (at 15.4″)”, You’re kiding right, how can you see anything?? 😉

I use one 19 inch monitor on 1280 x 1024 and I dont feel any space restraints. although I am considering getting a second monitor, but I guess that would mean I need to get a new video card…

Hey Stuart,

No I wasn’t kidding. Before I got the Dell Latitude D800, I was skeptical of the resolution. However, after consulting with a few friends who are using 1600×1200 LCD screens (they all say they love their screens), I gave it a try. To my surprise, 1920×1200 (16:10 ratio) is very legible, because unlike CRTs, LCDs are very sharp.

I have a 21″ CRT monitor at 1280×1024, and it’s not as sharp as the LCD; I can switch to 1600×1200 but it’s just not good enough no matter how I adjust the alignment.

It is true that looking at a 1920×1200 15.4″ screen for a long time makes my eyes tired. But the extra pixels really help laying things out so I don’t have to open and close windows all the time and instead focus on the work. I’m spoiled by the LCD, it’s hard to go back to CRT except for things like video and fast-moving graphics.

I use 3 monitors.. a 19″CRT, and 2 17″ LCDs.. all set at 1280 x 1024.

17″ LCDs have come way down in price and I just can’t justify getting a slightly bigger LCD for almost the same price as 2 decent 17’s..

When I have to work on one or two monitors it’s a struggle.. seriously. Drop the cash for another monitor. It’s worth it.

I currently use 1 lcd at 21″ Its not big enough so when I get into my new house I am getting a 42″ plasma I admit its mostly for football but it has good res so I am probably going to end up doing most of my work on it too.

I use two 16″ Sharp LCDs with thin panel frames – both at 1280×1024 – excellent for smaller desks.

Do you use additional software for multi-display window management like UltraMon or the build in features from the videocard driver (e.g. nvidia nView)?

15.4″ @ 1920×1200 – i have all my panels off until i needed which i have set-up with my custom shortcut keys – i think this works best.

I can read everything fine – even those sites with small fixed font size, but i’m sure i’ll need glasses in a few years.

Wow, this is making me kinda jealous.

I work soley on my 17″ PowerBook with a 1440×900 resolution.

Haven’t spent too much time in MX 2004 yet, so I don’t know if that’s going to make me want more space or not. However, I do know that I want more space for the ActionScript dictionary, and I’m already thinking I need more room for the panels.

But in MX, I’m fine with my current setup. I just use hotkeys for bringing up panels when I need them.

Here’s a random question, has anyone else has issues with updating the ActionScipt dictionary? I feel like its a non-stop process. I’ll click update in the panel, it will download 7 or so files, and then I’ll click update again, and so on and so on, and I still barely have any of the content for the dictionary?! Anyone have a similar problem?

Damn this blog entry – I just had to try out that twinhead card I’ve got didn’t I?? last weekend tried with another display from work, today just ordered another 18.1 for home… and talking my boss into one for work as well. The benefits of dual heads are outstanding… although with nVidia nview has anyone got a decent OpenGL screensaver working ? oh and if you haven’t tried it out the nVidia multiple desktop deal with hot keys is sweet.. Flash on one desktop, PHPEdit / MySQL Manager on the other.

Has anyone noticed that the IDE misbehaves on load when fullwidth ? I find I have to reposition the tools bar everyime

Recommendation – get a deep desk, it’s almost tooo much having twin 18.1s up close.

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